Our group consists of a team of very experienced partners, associates and affiliates with hands on experience in managing, consulting and building businesses in a plethora of industries. Apart from understanding the challenges you face every single day, we also understand how to cost efficiently take an idea from "print on paper" to a thriving business, or catapult an existing small business from good to great without "breaking your bank."




CLADD looks to partner with savvy executive teams and visionary entrepreneurs to manage projects and to assist in building great companies to create sustainable equity value.  Our interests range from early stage venture investments to public and private equity value investing, acquisitions, and startup incubation.





As a company we use our consulting expertise and global network of long-standing relationships in the private as well as public sector, to further our clients goals.  This commitment has made ​​a positive impact through the various ways in which we collaborate, particularly, with governments to improve the level and quality of life of hundreds of thousands of people, specifically, in the prevention and control of diabetes, one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide.




Our clients range from governments to private and public entities.  Our network allows us to thrive in a myriad of product and service industries, permitting us to become one of the leading authorities in consulting, particularly, in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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