The Airplane Neck Free Shoulder/Arm Abduction System is a state-of-the-art device which allows you to have all of the benefits of an arm - shoulder airplane immobilizer with greater comfort and much less inconvenience. With no uncomfortable neck straps, our patented shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand multipoint immobilization system is easy to use, safe and fashionable. The integral support strut beam is the key to ultimate extremity support.. It provides secure immobilization preventing shoulder motion and resists stress in abduction and adduction. An Additional Benefit: the all in one system allows you to progressively increase motion and decrease or intermittently use the abduction piece to allow return to life, work and daily activities with support in situations which might endanger the optimal outcome of healing injury or post operative patient protocols. No Neck straps; that is correct, neck straps (and therefore neck pain) and bulk are eliminated through our highly ergonomic design and lightweight but powerful material construction.

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