CLADD Holdings is an international holding firm based in Miami, Florida founded over two decades ago by its Chief Executive, Marcelo Jorge Kochen.


Our group consists of a team of very experienced partners, associates and affiliates with hands on experience in managing and building businesses in a plethora of industries.  Apart from understanding the challenges you face every single day, we also understand how to cost efficiently take an idea from "print on paper" to a thriving business, or catapult an existing small business from good to great without "breaking your bank."


By selecting products and services with close synergy, CLADD has been able to diversify into a wide range of related businesses.  Indeed this diversification has given CLADD the operational flexibility and a competitive edge to survive the changes of a volatile global marketplace.


CLADD looks to partner with savvy management teams and visionary entrepreneurs to build great companies and create sustainable equity value.  Our interests range from early stage venture investments to public and private equity value investing, acquisitions, and startup incubation.  Our investment mission is to produce superior returns over the long term across a diversified brand portfolio.  CLADD Holdings makes investments for targeting sustainable equity appreciation, either through control ownership or strategic minority investments.


CLADD's remarkable success stems from the importance that it attaches to the working relationship nurtured with its business partners, suppliers, customers, bankers and shareholders.  These enable the firm to meet challenges in a rapidly changing market.

The culmination of several decades of our partners' collective experience and expertise is available to you when taking your business into the future.


CLADD builds new and strengthens existing businesses by applying our comprehensive business incubator platform of brand communications strategies, business management solutions and interactive strategies to small businesses at all levels of their growth cycle.


Who We Are

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